1013_Sukkah in the Tree

Design of a Sukkah

The concept is to give the atmosphere of a sukkah in the tree.
The structure is a smart minimalistic construction system for easy and fast assembly. Six tree-shape panels are bound by a loop bench. The table posed on the branch of the tree-columns, reinforce the stability. Its dimension of 90 x 200 cm allows a comfortable standard mattress to be put on for sleeping in the sukkah. A white translucent polyvinyl chloride membrane, usually used for stretch ceiling, is hang on a hook-shaped branch of the tree-column to protect for wind and rain. Its translucent material brings the relation of indoor-outdoor. A roof made of bamboo rods lay on top of the tree-columns.
The sukkah has two zones, a foyer area and a dinner area. By night it remains dynamic, projecting shadows silhouettes on the skin.
The shape is simple to respect the ancient religion aspect but its material break through the new era. The skin falls up to the ground bringing lightness to the shape.


Project typeDesign
Project sizen/a
LocationNew York
TeamBobby Fogel, Frederic Hakoune
Project statusCompetition