1413_Community Centre H55

Community Centre in Prague

The CC H55 shape results of its location in the urban fabric and topographic area. It starts in a movement as an extension from the peak-facade of the adjacent building towards the clock tower of the church ending in a high peak. The roof structure  of the CC H55 is an application of the traditional character of the surrounding buildings with a contemporary touch of style. The high peak refers to the highly gothic style of Prague, city of a hundred spires, and gives a dialogue with the clock tower of the church.

The shape of the CC H55 is lowered in the middle to leave an open view to the garden from the street level and give easily independent pedestrian access to the garden. The parabolic movement provides the cellared level partially of natural light for daily use of the spaces, and give the possibility to use the roof as an amphitheatre for outdoor events.

The building is clad in wood to integrate both the green surroundings and the character of the street.

The entrance of the library is at street level. The Community Centre and its multipurpose hall is accessible through the lobby from the side wall on the side of the church, which allows easy access to the church for joint celebrations.

The partially underground level regroups the administration parts such as offices, furniture storage and sound reproduction as the Community Centre with a defined zone from the Park.

The multipurpose hall is located underground to reduce surrounded noise and is double height in the center. It is connected to the library if it needs to extend.

The public library is situated to the lower peak-roof part getting natural indirect south-light from the seating structured roof. The stairs to the different levels of the library is used for seating and may be used for lectures and indoor events.

The Café is located on the top peak of the high peaked roof. It is  accessible for both the public, from the outside (roof with its stairs), and private, from the inside of the building. It has a direct connection to the Lobby and its Community Centre as well to the Multipurpose Hall on the lower level.

The stripe in front of the building will provide a kiss & ride zone and a delivery zone for the library.

The garden has been designed from the pedestrian iso-flow across the building. Those lines forms elliptical shapes. It create islands and paths.


Project typePublic
Project size1.000 m²
LocationPrague, Czechia
TeamBFArchitecture, Mohamed Bouzrara, Olfa Kammoun
Project statusCompetition